Photo Scavenger Hunt

Ardmore Hidden Gems – Photo Scavenger Hunt

Begins Monday, April 20

 Venture out, enjoy spring in southern Oklahoma, have fun, and win! 

 Take a photo of yourself next to each of these (include signs if you can) and post your photos to Facebook using #ArdmoreHiddenGems.  Entries with all 16 images will be included in a drawing Monday, April 27, 2020, for Chamber Member prizes.

1.     1 National Register of Historic Places site

Ardmore (public sites)

  • Carnegie Library (NR 00000620)
  • County Courthouse (NR 85000678)
  • Historic Commercial District (NR 83002080)
  • Black Theater (NR 84002978)

Carter County (public sites)

  • Healdton Armory (NR 94000280)
  • Lake Murray State Park (NR 01001097)
  • Bethel Missionary Baptist Church (NR 94001510) in Tatums
  • Healdton Oil Field Bunk House (NR 85002518) in the Wilson vicinity

2.     2 Sculptures

3.     2 Murals

4.     1 ‘Welcome to Ardmore’ sign

5.     Mercy Train

6.     1 Public fountain

7.     1 Ball field

8.     Oil Derek @ the Greater Southwest Historical Museum

9.     1 Church

10.   1 Buffalo statue

11.   Ardmore Centennial Memorial

12.   Douglass High School

13.   Lake Murray Lodge

14.   Big Foot @ Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies

On one day during the hunt, we will hide a gem at one of the locations! The first person to find it and share the picture on facebook will win a special prize!